PRO-Care Block


For Use with PRO-Care Massage Cushion

PRO-Care Insert Block

  • Provides lower back support while performing abdominal flexion exercises.
  • Can be used as a headrest while stretching on the BackRack.

[divider style=”hr-solid”]PRO-Care Multi-Block

  • Position between the knees for sideline bolster  support during sleep and massage.
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Both PRO-Care Multi Block and PRO-Care Insert Block can be used to fill the empty chest cavity of the PRO-Care Massage Cushion if it is required for therapeutic treatments. Either product can be utilized as a headrest for use with the PRO-Zone BackRack. Either product can also provide lower back support during abdominal flexion exercises.

PRO-Care Multi Block is designed for additional use as a sideline bolster which provides hip and leg support during sleep and massage.

Additional information

Weight .28 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 6 × 4 in

Multi Block (Dog bone shape), Insert Block (Oval shape)


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